Mechanical Keyboards

Contributed by e-Access staff member:

This is the second of the two-part series on my quest for a decent keyboard.

In the first blog of this two part series, I highlighted how some keyboard features were being omitted resulting in some otherwise very decent keyboards being completely inaccessible to blind and visually impaired users.

In this second and last blog, I will discuss some new and promising trends, not in the layout or looks of a keyboard, but in their basic build and particularly in the key-switches that are being used in some of the best, if somewhat pricy keyboards available today.

I will conclude by highlighting the keyboard I ultimately ended up purchasing and that I liked so much that I immediately bought another one for the family PC.

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Inaccessible Keyboards

Contributed by an e-Access staff:


This will be a series of two blogs on purchasing and using PC and laptop keyboards based on my own experiences as a visually impaired user.

The first piece deals with some new keyboard trends and designs which for many users would seem counterproductive and plain silly.

The second blog will discuss new and very encouraging trends in keyboard manufacturing which are to do not with the looks and layout of the keyboard but the mechanics of the underlying key switches.  In fact, this trend is not entirely new, but a revival of an old one.  Yes, you’ve probably heard of it.  I am referring to the mechanical switch keyboard.

I am visually impaired and use a screen reading and magnifying software call ZoomText to browse my PC, but the issues discussed in both these articles are not restricted to only the blind or visually impaired users.

Please note that these blogs are not a form of affiliate marketing or product placement, e-Access does not receive commission or other monetary inducements from the content of these articles.

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How Learning Another Language Can Help Your Business Develop

Learning a new language can seem like an impossible challenge, but it’s much easier than you likely think it is. This skill can help your business in so many ways, as learning a new language will help you converse a far wider range of people easily.

This is a deeply rewarding skill to acquire and you might not even realise it but it’s also a rare skill to have in business. In the UK, the majority of people only speak one language.

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Why use our Translation Service in the Legal Sector?

The demand for using a multilingual translation service within the legal sector has never been greater than it is today, as more and more legal firms find it is needed to meet the global demands of their clients.
A multilingual translation service within the legal sector requires fast turnaround times and error-free results. This is of the utmost importance to the firm and to its clients. At e-Access, we can deliver on these requirements.
For companies and legal firms conducting business in multiple international regions, translation does present a steep learning curve – especially relating to the cost and efficiency. To overcome this, legal firms require the right mix of human support and multilingual knowledge.
In an industry that demands precise information, using our translation service may be an essential part of managing the overload of multilingual documents and other legal processes.
When a legal firm is faced with tens of thousands of documents in foreign languages and has the need to determine which warrant careful translation and which are irrelevant, our translation service can come to the rescue. Using our translation service gives your legal teams a certain degree of understanding and English operability within any south or central Asian language documents. This service can help cull an overwhelming pile of documents to a more manageable size, including any early assessment case files. At that point, we can carefully translate a smaller set of documents.
Overall, a translation service can factor into much of the firm’s case work and will enable your firm to take on clients who you may otherwise have been unable to help.
If any workloads require translation of passports, verbal testimony or other documentation, our translation service has the process to achieve it. Translation has also become an integral part of the firm’s intellectual property practice, where multilingual patent litigation is becoming more prevalent.

Why use our Scanning Services for your Business?

Digitisation need not be overly complicated, unduly expensive or technologically impenetrable.  The trick is to know what you want to do, the purpose behind what you are doing and how you get there.  The answer to these questions is different for every institution.

At e-Access, we have experienced staff who have helped scan millions of images to time and budget. If you are considering digitisation or wondering if or how digitisation might benefit your organisation, then we would be delighted to sit down with you to understand your requirements and talk you through the process to help you create a solution that works best for your particular needs.

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Benefits of Digitisation

If planned and managed properly, digitisation can bring a number of benefits to an organisation.  These may include but are not limited to:

  • improved security and preservation of documents/information
  • improved accessibility
  • improved efficiency
  • cost savings and/or revenue generation
  • improved information/data analysis.

It must be noted that this document concerns itself only with the benefits of digitisation and does not go into the planning and care that must accompany any digitisation project and the infrastructure and safeguards that must be put in place to manage and control the resulting images and data.

Further details of the fore mentioned benefits are outlined below:

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3 reasons why you should use a professional translation service

All humans have the need to communicate and to socialize with others. The use of language to accomplish this is what sets us apart from other animals. Having the ability to communicate and to interact with each other allows us to tell others there is a problem that need to be fixed, and recommend a solution.  A simple misunderstanding of communication can easily trigger conflicts. All communication to anyone you meet needs to be considered and well thought through, especially in a business environment. This is where the services of a professional translation company can make a big difference.

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4 Tips and Tricks to Learn Any Language

Learning a new foreign language is never an easy thing, but it does get easier over a period of time because you will learn from your mistakes and eventually pick up certain phrases and words. If you are struggling to even say a simple hello in your chosen foreign language or how to read a certain word, then here are 4 simple tips and tricks to help you on your way. After all, there is nothing scarier then being in a foreign country and not able to speak any of the local dialogue.

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It is a momentous occasion for the staff at e-Access as today as we launch our new website which signifies a landmark for our business and is a statement of intent in our commitment to our customers.

The customers are the main driving force for our business and we hope that this is reflected in the layout and design of our new website.

We have worked hard to create a website that is simple in its layout, modern looking in its design and accessible to everyone in its coding.

As proud as we are of our new website, we by no means consider it a job completed and instead see it as a continuous process of development and improvement, so please contact us and tell us what you think as your feedback will help us immensely.

This Newsletter will be a permanent feature at e-Access and we will use it to update you on events and promotions. We will also offer product reviews and share topical discussions.

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