e-Access specialises in written translation of languages spoken in Pakistan.

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Human based translation

At e-Access, we love technology and automated solutions that assist in improving accuracy.

However, when it comes to translation, and particularly in relation to languages spoken in Pakistan, we do not believe that any automated solutions exist that can help us provide our customers with the quality of output that they should expect of us.

This is why we currently do not provide any machine-based translation.

If and when in future, we see technology evolve to such a point that it can provide us with a certain level of quality, then we would not be averse to adapting such solutions.

However, until that point, we are very happy to use our highly qualified, experienced and very much human translators.

Experienced and qualified linguists

We use highly skilled and fully qualified specialised linguists.

Many of our linguists are based in Pakistan and understand the context and local use of colloquial as well as formal language.

We use specialised linguists for each type of job, whether it relates to the field of healthcare, legal, technology or academia.

Languages we offer

We can provide expert and top quality translation of any language spoken in Pakistan.

There are six main languages in use in Pakistan and these include:

  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Sindhi
  • Pashtu
  • Balochi.

In addition, there are numerous other local languages and dialects in use which include but are not limited to: Seraiki (spoken in Southern Punjab), Pothohari (spoken in Northern Punjab), Hindko, Kashmiri, Kalasha, Khowar, Shina and Balti etc.

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We also recommend the following internet based resource for factual information on languages spoken in Pakistan: Languages of Pakistan.